IKS 2020 edition


The XXV edition of the Intelligence in the Knowledge Society conference takes places in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fluctuations of the virus at national, European and global level. Due to afferent exogenous factors, like the unpredictability of the pandemic’s evolution at national level, national restrictions regarding the organization of events with large number of participants, restrictions of entering the country from at risk areas, the situation regarding the international flights etc., the already known onsite format of the conference becomes impossible.

Considering the above mentioned context and with the aim of taking advantage of the benefits that the classic format of the IKS conference offers – like academic conversations, partnership and networking opportunities, or sharing experiences and practices with experts within the same field of interests -, the XXV IKS edition will take place in two stages:

  1. Publishing double peer-reviewed articles on the conference’s topics in the Romanian Intelligence Studies Review (RISR);
  2. Organizing the onsite event in October, 2021, in accordance to the COVID-19 pandemic evolution. The onsite format of the IKS conference represents the unique initiative within the Black Sea Region which gathers academics and practitioners in intelligence.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has generated changes in all areas, acting as an invisible global enemy. Intelligence organizations are also dealing with the new types of threats associated to the constant development of novel data tools and techniques. For being successful in preventing or combating (next generation) security threats, intelligence organizations and governments can look into the collaboration between nations based on common cultural knowledge, good communication skills, integrating aspects of digital changes in terms of legislation and tools, or reshaping old strategies. The conference invites experts, analysts, practitioners and researchers to discuss main challenges and effects of novel security threats on state development, on policies changes, technological developments and action plans adopted by different state actors to prevent and counter next-generation challenges.

Contributions are expected to bring novel perspectives on intelligence analysis, history and theory, as well as strategic past and future developments. IKS represents a forum for conversation between academics and practitioners, where both perspectives are welcome and their inter-relations can be explored.


 Call for Papers


As part of the first stage of the event, the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy invites both academics and practitioners to submit paper abstracts for the 25th edition of its international conference Intelligence in the Knowledge Society.

Those interested in participating are invited to submit their papers by October 30th, 2020 at [email protected]. Acceptance notifications for publication in RISR will be sent by December 15th, 2020.

The 24th edition of the International Conference Intelligence in the Knowledge Society

The 24th edition of Intelligence in the Knowledge Society (IKS) International Conference opens on the 18th of October and is hosted by „Carol I” Central University Library. The 2018 edition brings to the fore complex aspects which involve the equilibrium between guaranteeing the national security of a state and protecting the fundamental rights of its citizens.


The conference aims to bring under the same umbrella various contemporary issues that are of interest to communities. For that purpose, IKS is structured into five panels, which are organised thematically, a special event dedicated to European security models and a session for emerging scholars in the field of security .


Some of the topics that will be covered include: social media influence campaigns, anti-western propaganda, intelligence models of the Far East, fake news, hybrid threats or soviet espionage actions against Romania in the 1950s.


Organized by „Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy and having reached its 24th edition, IKS continues the development of an international platform for academic debate. The conference brings together over 200 scholars and researchers in the field of intelligence and security studies from countries such as the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Hungary, Romania, South Korea, China, the Republic of Moldova, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria or Belgium.



For additional information and the full conference agenda click here

IKS 2017

For more than two decades, the Intelligence in the Knowledge Society conference, organised by the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy has represented a forum for encounters of intelligence academics and practitioners. Bridging the gaps between different perspectives, the IKS conference has constantly and consistently contributed to the generation of a common language and to the sharing of information between scholars and representatives of intelligence services. The 2017 edition aims to bring together Academia, practitioners and stakeholders for a timely debate on the changing security paradigm and the role of intelligence in countering 21st century threats.

IKS – Intelligence in the Knowledge Society

Intelligence has, over the past two decades, increasingly garnered popular attention as the wider public has become more and more aware of the inner workings of a previously secret world. As global events have taken unexpected turns, the seemingly forgotten logic of interstate conflict has re-emerged, giving renewed value to the currency of hard power.

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