Papers will be written in English, prefaced by an abstract of maximum 250 words and will be submitted via e-mail, as attachments (*.doc) to the e-mail addresses mentioned in Submit a paper menu, specifying the chosen panel.

The full paper manuscript will have a length of minimum 6 – maximum 8 pages, paper format A4 and observing the following page settings:

  • Top: 1,5 cm, Bottom: 1,5 cm, Left: 2 cm; Right: 1,5 cm.
  • The title of the paper will be centered, 5 rows below the top margin, Times New Roman, size 14, bold, capital letters.
  • The text will be written with Times New Roman, size 11, single-spaced, Justify.
  • The surname and name of author (s) will be written 2 rows below the title, Times New Roman, size 12, bold, centered.
  • The academic title will be written a row below the name of the author(s), centered, followed by the name of the institution, Times New Roman, size 10, centered.
  • E-mail address – written a row bellow the academic title, Times New Roman, size 10, centered.
  • The abstract / resume and keywords (5 – 6 words) – two rows bellow the e-mail, Times New Roman, size 10, Justify.
  • The subtitles will be written two rows bellow the preceding text and will be followed by the next paragraph with no free space between them, Times New Roman, size 12, bold, Justify.
  • References (endnotes) will be written with Times New Roman, Justify, size 10.


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    Cristian Barna, Al-Qaida vs. restul lumii (Bucharest: Top Form Press, 2011), p. 65
  2. articles
    Mihai Georgescu, “Islam today” Romanian Studies Review, Vol. 7, No. 13, 2012, pp. 165-173
    Andrei Ionescu, “The missile shield in Romania” Romanian Studies Review, No. 15, February 2013, pp. 150-160, accessed 1 April 2013,
  3. online sources
    Cristian Barna, “Rethinking national security”, Conference Proceedings, Intelligence in the Knowledge Society, accessed 1 April 2013 at
    Romanian Society for Security Culture, accessed 1 April 2013 at
    Annual Report, National Security Committee, accessed 2 April 2013 at  
    Pages will not be numbered.
    Authors take full responsibility for the content and format of the paper.
    The papers not submitted in electronic format and which do not fulfill the abovementioned requirements will not be published.